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Wow macro use item slot number, item slot-numbers

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The longer the pause, the slower you will grind, but you have to go slow enough for the client and the server to sync up. Why are the last few lines of the macro gambling email marketing when I log on? Then launch the macro again. Target Functions These commands are used to modify your current target or focus target.

Re: Item slot-numbers

If you're spamming this macro then there will be no problem in getting full use of both of the "use" trinkets. There are two workarounds but neither is optimal: Any icon is fine. Disabled commands The following commands are listed in the environment, except where noted, but appear to be disabled or deprecated. This Macro command list describes all of the macro commands or slash commands recognized in World of Warcraft.

To make this macro work for all the "use" trinkets I have for the different fights and situations I would write: Write in the body this instruction: Each bag in your bottom right "bag bar" has a numerical value from 0 to 4, starting with your backpack and proceeding to the left.

After the trinket's initial equip cooldown expires, this macro will then use the trinket if pressed again. Each number represents a second.

My First Macro

If your class doesn't use such abilities, you can use this kind of macros to allert people that you are going to cast a particular spell or other funny sentences: Now we'll see something more interesting, don't worry. I placed it in the far right slot.

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In a slot bag, the slots are assigned as follows: The larger this hommemystere casino, the longer the macro will wait for you to put in the resources.

To make the rank grow up as we learn higher ones from the trainer, simply remove the rank of the spell from the macro. At first, when my trinket isn't used, it will show me the tooltip for the trinket "Core of Ripeness", since it can be used.

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If you have two "use" trinkets, the macro will use whatever is in slot 13 the top trinketthe other trinket will have a 20 second cool down. Cast Random A simple function, this will randomly use one of the abilities in its list every time you use the button.