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When it lands on anyone of the players cards, click that player. Click on the roulette wheel with the "" chip. Open your map and go back to the casino. Note the total number of slot machines in the main lobby. This part is difficult to explain because I'm not sure what I experienced, but plug your patch cord into the wall.

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Walkthrough Guide Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional. He wants to know which player he's betting on. Again, not sure what playing the game has on the overall outcome, but you need to blow up all of the objects in the "Office" by clicking on them repeatedly.

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Give the bartender the glass from the bathroom and get another stone puzzle piece. Then close all three boxes in the group and open the small box sitting on top of the larger box and trucchi slots vacation a key.

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Go back to the bank. When the dialogue ends, a fly comes out. Go to the bathroom to the right of the living room and tug the metal thing from the shower pipe and take the glass form the bathroom counter.

Have fun for a few minutes. If you still don't get it Do you really need the money? Put the purple thing in the square and click it to turn on the Jacuzzi.

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When the high scores show up at the end, click on "Quitter" at the bottom of the screen and return to the compute room. Give him the change he retuned to you and he'll give you a tip for the roulette table. Pull the lever 13 times and a key will appear on the paddle wheel. Go up the ladder. As for the "office game", as someone else explained before, if you finish the game and look at the highscore list, the gregory thing is to open the safe, which again isn't necessary to crack the game.

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Go back upstairs to the roulette table. When it comes up, you get a blue apple card. Talk to the guy just left of the roulette dealer and get a riddle. Top rowmiddle rowbottom row Go tsto casino walkthrough the stairs to the left of the Jacuzzi.

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Go up the stirs by stepping on the center dot, left, center, then right. Talk to the bartender and order champagne.

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I didn't solve the riddle. I didn't have one but not entering a code does not prevent you from finishing the game. This is NOT explained in the walkthrough below because apparently the person who wrote this walkthrough didn't figure this out, but anyway, like he said, you don't need to crack this to finish the game.

At the top of the stairs, take your key and unlock the door.

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It's pretty much a trial and error thing. Go to the poker table.

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Go back down to the bar.