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Having the chance to share what I know about music and guitar playing with like-minded players is always fun, and I find the camp environment brings out special performances from me and all the teachers. The day they were supposed to start Frank Zappa was closing out the season for the casino with a concert in it. The compositions for the most part are lengthy in run time and serve as a showcase for Osegueda's emotion laden vocal prowess and ranges as exampled on tracks such as "The Boy Who Could Fly".

Deep Purple have released 19 studio albums in their 46 year career the band started in and have sold over million records. Guitarist Josh Schwartz's soaring solos and bludgeoning riffs are peppered throughout the release. With A Sound of Thunder issuing this kind of high quality metal it's no wonder they've developed a loyal fanbase dubbed "The Legion of Thunder" We leave you with some images from this incredible night where Deep Purple delivered a royal flush set at Casino Rama — August Overall all 5 musicians were tight — Morse hammered his guitar s while smiling all the time, Airey mesmorized the patrons with his nimble fingers and even played a bit of Oh Canada!

The band has endured many lineup changes and a total of 14 musicians have been in Deep Purple. Boy can that dude sing though!

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We leave you with the setlist for the night. The slow build of "Black Secrets" serves as a playground for Schwartz and "One Empty Grave" is a definite standout for me from this album, but it's not the only one that's made it onto my MP3 player's regular listening rotation.

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Tickets for the G4 Experience are on sale now at http: The real progressiveness comes out on the near ten minute long "Elijah" containing many changes and even some spoken word story telling, none of which, I confess is my usual style but it just works for me here. Bush or an older Captain Kirk.

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Steve Morse of Deep Purple at Casino Rama Highway Star kicked off the night and the band sounded like vintage Deep Purple — the opener was greeted by great cheers and although people were still being seated the band gave it their all.

The band is fronted with the operatic wails of pint sized standing a mere 5'2 classically trained and led zeppelin experience 2014 casino rama vocalist Nina Osegueda.

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This unique music camp that combines entertainment, education and a vacation experience will again be held at the picturesque Cambria Pines Lodge in Cambria, California, halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The band began back in with the union of guitarist Josh Schwartz and drummer Chris Haren with the addition of Osegueda taking place in Legendary real life rock exploits! Teaching is something very close to my heart and I take it seriously. The stage backdrop consisted of 5 vertical screens that would alternate between various members of the band or random color bands.

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In December the band went to Montreux, Switzerland to record an album in a mobile studio outside a casino. The Lesser Key of Solomon begins with a more than two minute long, basically instrumental, intro titled "The Nexus of Realities" which doesn't do much for me but I stick with it as the opening riffs of "Udoroth" begin. That time is hugely important, but all too often gets overlooked.

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Ian Gillan Deep Purple Casino Rama proved to be an excellent venue both for the sound and the clean sightlines. Not only are we excited to interact with other great established musicians, but we are also excited to interact with guitar players from all walks of life.

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A Sound of Thunder effectively combines elements of classic heavy metal, progressive and rock to formulate their unique sound. The band rushed off to an empty hotel further down the road and found an empty hallway to record their album. The event size is limited so every guest will have the opportunity to spend time with each of the featured artists.

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Speaking of solos, each member of the band had the opportunity to take the spotlight with a solo and we were treated with a drum solo, a guitar solo, a bass solo and 2 keyboard solos throughout the night. The clean design of the stage really permitted the band to rightfully take center stage.

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Osegueda has been described as "the lovechild of Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson" and also as a "heavy metal Swiss Army knife" for her ability to move from a delicate whisper to the overwhelming power of her vocal prowess. This unique music camp is open to guitarists of all ages and levels and provides an entertaining and educational once-in-a-lifetime vacation led zeppelin experience 2014 casino rama.

Admission includes four nights lodging, meals, master classes, break-out sessions, live performances and jam sessions in 8 fully stocked jam rooms. They finished it as the police were banging on the doors with roadies pushing the doors shut. Roger Glover Deep Purple Verdict 4. As the concert progressed a fan light two flares in the music hall of the casino and the whole casino burned to the ground that night.

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Oddly enough Gillan no longer looks like a rock star but with his hair looks a bit more like a young George W. The rest of the experience will be filled with Master Classes led by Satriani, Animals As Leaders, The Aristocrats, as well as smaller, breakout workshops with the other G4 leaders.

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It has been said that first impressions count and Gillan blew away all expectations with his powerful voice — this set the tone for the rest of the night. With workshops, jam sessions and a great atmosphere, this unique event is a must for anyone who loves playing guitar. Meister Music The Meister's top tracks: It would take until before they found and completed the definitive line-up in bassist Jesse Keen.