Lieux et commerces à proximité

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If you come into town by train, you'll have a minute walk from the station to the center.

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From the top of the avenue, much more town extends out to the right eastincluding wide pedestrian shopping malls the outside street variety. High above and behind the park, you can see the lookout point at the Chateau ruins with an even further view.

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On one level there's an observation casino bormes mimosas with a good view of the plains below and the coast. Above the Place Massillon are a maze of interesting old streets on the hillside, meriting hours of wander and exploring; It's small enough, though, that you'll discover most in just an hour or two not counting the park.

A myriad of walkways and steps leading to different levels or through small arches into adjacent plots take you through a lush, green and colorful environment. Facing the Porte Barruc archway, follow the steps to up to the right through a small gate, and into a lush other world. The fortress is picturesque, sitting on a promotory jutting into the sea.

A road from here goes around the hill to the right, circling up to the Chateau ruins to the top, apparently a minute walk. The Presqu'ile has the village of Giens, a little port, and the Tour-Fondue with an old fortress and the ferry to the islands of Porquerolles, Port-Cros and Levant.

The well-restored old "tower" was a Knights Templar commandery.

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Just off the point are the little islands of Petit Ribaud and Grand Ribaud: Straight north from the end of Ave Gambetta, continue on the Rue Rabaton to the Place Massillon and the start of the old town.

La Tour-Fondue itself has a pretty little inlet, with a few fishing boats anchored. Even the vieille village school marriott casino resort san juan is interesting with its red brick construction. Behind the observation table, the medieval Porte Pensicola leads upwards tint even narrower streets, many of them paved with thick round cobble stones and bordered by stone walls, with shrubs and flowers everywhere.

At the time, he was sunning himself here and wintering in the French-Swiss Alps. A lot of the streets of the upper vieille ville have the stone roots of the underlying rock joining streets and walls.

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At the top of the park is the Les Palmiers district, where the ramparts of the Villa de Noailles are being rebuilt. There's a great view of the coast from here, and down across the roofs of the town, including the observation table below. Park St Bernard If you like flowers, or gardens, or quiet restful places, or great views, you'll love this park.