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Blackjack on planes, more...

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We had a high score sheet where we'd write down our hourly profit and try to outdo each other. Yes, I was really a professional gambler for seven years. We need to make our money back.

The past couple weeks had me completely convinced I was on the fast track to wealth, and I didn't want to let go of that dream. The modernized planes will get new improved engines, also seeing analog onboard equipment replaced with digital hardware.

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They might not be anymore. Yesterday after a business partner reneged on a deal that we made, I decided it's finally time to quit and move how to win on slots at winstar to bigger and better things.

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Finally I burnt out, though. Go play some poker.

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I will NOT tell how I made money. I needed to focus on gambling and buy another Mercedes. I really believe that it's important to enjoy what one does, so I'm going to work on becoming a rapper.

The aircraft was built, using parts stored since Soviet times, to establish if the factory was capable of resuming serial production of the legendary bombers. We failed, and all of my money was gone. So cocky we were, that we guaranteed against losses.

Some of the casinos would pay me like that first one did, others would stiff me.

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We'd go to the business building at UT and play side by side, smirking at the business students who were cranking out their term papers. In a fit of irony my car actually broke on the way home when I was one day away from earning enough to pay myself back for it. He brought along a computer blackjack game and the manual that came with it.

I hired employees, got an office, and had custom accounting software written.

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I gleefully marched into the UT counselor's office. Some seemed to have the games rigged and I couldn't win no matter what. I'd keep a straight face, but inside I was dancing.

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