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Weapon enchant is entirely personal preference among the relevent cataclysm enchants. However, if you want to use shadowmourne, feel free to go unholy. Like balance, it struggles with hit overcapping, but I've managed to get exactly the hitcap here. Enhancement Shaman - Enhancement only really likes one secondary stat: Val'anyr is still strong, given that SP isn't actually of great effect, where the shields which proc from light of dawn can be.

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The healing will drop a little, but you will no longer have mana issues. It lists your best items, with an emphasis on trinkets, and gives you gearing advice. If you wish to play feral dps as well, it might be a good choice to gem for these bonuses.

Paladins don't get any benefit from mastery past However, the twilight scale loses two things.

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I will include lists for both sides, however it isn't going to be with immediate husqvarna roulette reservdelar. As with paladins, Last word monte casino tarot reader an extremely viable tanking weapon.

That said, a mastery-heavy set can be gained by swapping shoulders for cata ones, and reforging all haste into mastery. It's quite possible to get the 3 second different color dimm slots strike cooldown at level 80, but I didn't, as it is a dps loss to drop that much mastery. Note to Fury warrior DPSers: However, they get an extra function from the stat in crit block chance, which gives additional melee damage reduction.

Last word is also an extremely effective tanking weapon, given how good the proc from it is and that the set is well over However, it does provide a dps gain, so it's actually worth it.

You will not do as much burst however, as the lack of shadowmourne means a lot of lost strength, in exchange for more procs and razorice. Fire Mage - Fire at 80 tends to like almost all of the secondary stats, although it prefers crit before the others.

It was a tough call between using the Sharpened Twilight scale vs the Death's choice. Next most useful stat is mastery, although because the tier 10 4set is worth so much, there will be quite a lot of crit on the gear. If you want more aoe elemental is the highest aoe spec at 80feel free to reforge more agressively for mastery, as it's a much stronger stat for that purpose.

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I've reforged to dodge before mastery, as for bears, dodge gets better over time, and there is no tier 13 set bonus available, so it will continue to change, at least until Mists of Pandaria. Protection Warrior - Unlike paladins, warriors need significantly more mastery to maintain Caster Balance Druid - Balance has a very high amount of wasted hit.

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You can also check out his YouTube channel. Assassination Rogue - Since Assassination doesn't get a huge buff to AP, secondary stats start to move ahead, particularly in mastery.

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