Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

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Most often this accessory is seen in conjunction with the followspot yokewhen a fixture is being used as a small replacement followspot. Gobo rotator[ edit ] Gobo rotators are metal frames designed to hold a gobo.

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Options include taking out a renovation loan, refinancing if one has equity in their home or else pulling from available cash on hand. The Right Arm conveniently repositions these devices in theatrical and church productions, corporate events, trade shows - anywhere flexibility in the light plot is needed.

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Investors should first investigate whether building an ADU on their property is lawful. Variations of the SeaChanger line replace alternately the lens barrel or lamp assembly with integrated components, essentially creating a whole new fixture.

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Moving mirror attachment[ edit ] A moving mirror attachment is an ellipsoidal spotlight accessory that allows you to remotely re-position the beam of light, so that a single luminaire in a fixed position can be used for multiple "specials" in dozens of locations. Features can also include uni- or bi-directional control of the rotation of a pattern, as well as indexing tracking a patterns position to return it to the same orientation repeatedly.

Other[ edit ] Beam Bender A beam bender is essentially a large adjustable mirror, mounted into the color slot on the front of a lighting fixture. Installing the rotator in the accessory slot still places te pattern inside the focal plane of a fixture, allowing adjustments to the image creating hard or soft edges.

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An iris is designed to reduce diameter of beam emitted from fixture. The SeaChanger unit completely replaces the shutter assembly of a Source Four fixture, retaining only the lens barrel and lamp assembly.

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Several models are available which can hold two patterns simultaneously, and may allow patterns to rotate separately or in opposite directions. It was discontinued in Video cameras and LCD projectors can be blended into the lighting rig with minimal preparation, best casino lake tahoe easy adjustment from the lighting console.

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Effects accessory slot definition edit ] Gam Products Inc. All gobo rotators require an external power source, separate from the lighting fixtures power. A "Drop in Boomerang" is designed to mount into the color slot of a lighting fixture and provide the operator with several manually selected gels.

Pattern holder[ edit ] A used gobo in a gobo holder A pattern holder or gobo holder, is a metal frame designed to hold a gobo.

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Then there is the matter of costs. An ADU has its own kitchen, living area and a separate entrance. City Theatrical AutoYoke[ edit ] City Theatrical manufactures a complete assembly which essentially turns a conventional fixture into an automated fixture.

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The iris is placed inside fixtures through a specifically designed opening, the accessory or iris slot. These zoning laws generally limit the size and style of any new unit and require that the owner live on the property. The "scroll" of colours inside the colour changer allows a single fixture to output several different colours, or no colour, and to rapidly change between colours on command.

Drop in Boomerang A Boomerang, also known as a Color magazine is a series of colored filters on hinges.

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